Moss Frames & Green Walls

Moss is a beautiful natural product and a real eyecatcher in any interior!

Moss paintings in ball and flat moss, customised moss panels and moss walls, integration of your company logo or frames sprayed in a RAL colour. In short, 101 options, all of them maintenance-free!

The moss is 100% natural and mummified, whereby the moisture in the moss is replaced by environmentally friendly and degradable fluid. This ensures that the moss lasts longer. The moss can be used anywhere in your interior; for example in those places where there is no daylight, where plant tubs aren’t an option or where you would like some nature on the wall.

Living green on the wall promotes a healthy interior climate, has a positive effect on acoustics in the room, creates a green oasis and is a real eyecatcher! These green walls can be inserted as a screen to create an optical separation in a room. This helps create more privacy and dampens ambient noise. They are available in various shapes and sizes, filled with plants that can be selected in discussion with us.

An ideal green solution for flexible workplaces in offices.

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