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Since 2017 we have been working in partnership with the Belgian brand Royal Botania for garden furniture. This fits perfectly with the garden projects that we create. The quality collection is innovative, stylish and incredibly diverse both in terms of materials and design. The Royal Botania furniture and lighting can be included in your project at your request.



Every handmade pot by Atelier Vierkant is unique and has a different story to tell. A story of inspiration, design and understatement. In our projects, both indoor and outdoor, we endeavour to integrate the understated line of the pots, while respecting the architecture and surroundings.    



Serax makes your home more beautiful. Creates unforgettable moments inside and out.  Gives your interior personality. Passionate designers the world over with artisanal production, always working with craftsmen who respect the basic idea behind each design. The Serax collections stand for unique forms, materials and styles. So we will happily use their products in your interior to add an extra touch of style.



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