Planting INDOOR

Your wishes, needs and budget are discussed during a meeting at your office. All the possibilities are discussed. Together we communicate, cooperate and brainstorm. We are there to give help and advice. The plant as well as the module in which it will be installed (tub, bowl, frame, furniture …) are equally important. We can give you advice on materials, technical developments, applications and help in making the right choice.

The project is designed and visualised. You see and feel what it would be like to have a natural office.

You can choose from a number of packages:
– Purchase of office plants.
– Rental plus maintenance of office plants.
– Leasing as well as maintenance of office plants.
– Maintenance contract for purchased plants by our professional team.
– Subscriptions (floral arrangements, orchids).

You can relax and leave the maintenance of your interior plants to us. We keep a close eye on the growing environment, and check regularly to see if fertiliser, pruning or any other intervention is required. That way, you get all the beauty of a beautiful ‘green’ environment and none of the bother.

Plant tubs

An endless variety of different models, colours, and sizes of plant tubs, pots and vase collections for the house or office. Both indoor and outdoor.

The choice of plant tub depends entirely on your taste, the layout of your business and the available budget. The plant tubs are available in plastic, fibre glass, fibre stone, metal or numerous natural materials (stone, ceramic, wood …).


For interior planting you can choose from more than 400 house plants, with a distinction between hydro and soil culture.

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